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Archive Page of Interview of Bafta Nominated, UK Stage, Broadway, Film & TV Actor, and Accomplished Singer, John Barrowman, on “The Jimmy Star Show” Live Radio & TV Show!! August 25, 2015. Scroll down to see other interviews, snippets, videos, and links about John Barrowman

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Bafta Nominated, UK Stage, Broadway, Film and TV Actor and Accomplished Singer, John Barrowman will be a guest on “The Jimmy Star Show” Live Radio & TV Show This Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 from 3-5 pm ET | 12-2 pm PT on W4CY.COM RADIO | Visit www.jimmystarshow.com

Thank you John Barrowman for your over the top, outstanding, candid, and entertaining interview on “The Jimmy Star Show.” The 134 pages in the transcripts of the chatroom are filled with your fans, worldwide, reaching out to thank you for helping them be themselves. The chat room went through the roof for you, everyone is hoping you are going to be back soon, the time flew by. The response to your music was overwhelming, people expressed their love and appreciation of you, in words. Everyone behind the scenes thanks you and wishes you more than the best in everything you do. In fantasies there are “superheroes.” In the real world, we have you, John Barrowman

Official biography of John Barrowman:

Seriously. Check this guy out. Respect.

Get John Barrowman’s Book!!: http://www.johnbarrowman.com/fanzone/books/foodoflove.shtml

Don’t Forget to Go To John Barrowman iTunes Music Page

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John Barrowman | IMDb Page
John Barrowman iTunes Music Page
John Barrowman Spotify

John Barrowman YouTube Page

John Barrowman | “What About Us?”

John Barrowman: “I Am What I Am” | Royal Albert Hall

John Barrowman | “I Am What I Am” | “La Cage Aux Folles”

John Barrowman | “This is the Moment”

John Barrowman as “Jeremy” in “Zero Dark Thirty” | IMDb Trailer

John Barrowman as “Malcolm Merlyn” in “Arrow” on the CW!! | IMDb Trailer

John Barrowman Interview about “Arrow” on the CW!! | IMDb Trailer
Interview with John Barrowman begins 4:13 into video. It’s really good. With a reveal for “Arrow” fans.

BBC America: John Barrowman‘s Nerdy Confessions

John Barrowman “Loch Lomond” (Behind The Song)

John Barrowman “Loch Lomond”

John Barrowman as “Captain Jack Harkness” in “Torchwood” on the BBC [UK]!! | IMDb Trailer

John Barrowman as The Lead Tenor in “The Producers” | IMDb Trailer

An Evening with John Barrowman: Live at the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow (2009) | IMDb Page

John Barrowman as “Captain Jack Harkness” in “Dr Who” “The End of Time: Part Two” (2010) | IMDb Page

John Barrowman as “Patrick Logan” on “Desperate Housewives” “I Guess This Is Goodbye” (2010) | IMDb Page

John Barrowman as “Ben Carpenter” In Shark Attack 3: Megalodon | IMDb Page

John Barrowman on the Team of The Nerdist: Comic Con (2012) | IMDB Page | The @nerdist is AWESOME.

John Barrowman is a rare talent and an even more rare human. John Barrowman’s tireless work to help people and give back what he has received is humbling. The acting and musical work of John Barrowman stands alone in it’s scope in regards to a public figure beginning to help people before they retire, while acting on the stage, in film and tv, and continues with a rigorous recording schedule. In the midst of this he makes time before interviews to help people who have no voice. Take a moment and think, when was the last time you saw a person as caring as John Barrowman, a singer, giving his voice to those who can’t speak for themselves, in person, just because. Who does that? John Barrowman is on the “The Jimmy Star Show” “When Are You Going to EGOT, Already?!” List.

Press Release Link: John Barrowman To Guest On The Jimmy Star Show Wednesday August 26th,2015

Guest Acquainting Page:

John Barrowman “All Out Of Love” Official Video

More than a surprise.

Looking forward to the next amazing show…
W4CY.COM Wednesdays August 26, 2015 | 3-5 ET | 12-2 PT
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See you there!

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