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Awards and Rankings
“The Jimmy Star Show” won 6th Best Webshow in the world, by popular vote, at the Shorty Awards (6th out of 100,000+ web shows on the Internet).

“The Jimmy Star Show” is ranked #24 in entertainment talk radio, which combines AM/FM/Internet and Satellite radio together.

Jimmy Star
Jimmy has 1.25+ million engaged followers on his personal account on Twitter. He is director of operations of the Urban/Pop division of the Spectra Music Group, ( the largest indie record label in the world, director of operations at Beacon Audiobooks, ( one of the largest audiobook narration and distribution companies in the world, as well as being an established clothing designer with numerous celebrity clients.

Ron Russell
Ron Russell is a seasoned professional. His primary accomplishments and foundation as a Theatre/Film/TV actor ground his love of the entertainment arts. He is known for his Time Warner TV Show, “Set The Record Straight,” ( where he interviewed Hollywood Legends like Tony Curtis, John Waters, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna, Jane Russell, Tab Hunter, Cliff Robertson, Arlene Dahl, Tippi Hedron, and Cloris Leachman, among many others.

Deidra Sarego
Deidra Sarego has distinguished herself in Film, TV, Theater, and Radio. She has worked on projects with many mainstream stars like Martin Landau, Cameron Crowe, and Malcolm McDowell. Deidra’s IMDB page.

Show Format: Round table discussion and fast paced conversations with celebrity friends and guests with an upbeat, professional, and optimistic mood. Engaging conversations about entertainment industry insider ideas along with cutting edge music, movies, tv, and pop culture previews.

Notable Guests
While all the shows guests are notable, a few must be mentioned. This is not a complete list, and it doesn’t reflect the hosts favorites.

A partial list of the actors includes: Clifton Collins Jr., Faison Love, Neil Jackson, Stephen Lang, Lance Henriksen, Greg Poehler, Matthew Modine, Joseph Cross, Lainie Kazan, Randall Batinkoff, IronE Singleton, Ross Marquand, John Schneider, Jamie Kennedy, Paul Sorvino, Xander Berkeley, Leon, Adrian Paul, Naomi Grossman, Robert Davi, Taryn Manning, Kurt Fuller, Chad Lindberg, Christine Elise McCarthy, Corin Nemec, Antonio Sabato Jr, Renee Taylor, Joe Bologna, Tony Todd, Richard Hatch, Mary Stein, Cassie Scerbo, Richard Portnow, Peter Jason, and Michael Rooker. (Many actors appearing on the show have had feature roles in Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated and/or winning movies or have been nominated themselves).

Musicians that have appeared on the show include:
Academy Award Winners BJ Thomas and Three Six Mafia, Bianca Ryan, Lance Bass, Expose, Sister Sledge, Taylor Dayne, Gary Wright, Sophie B. Hawkins, Guy Sebastian, Ricky Rebel, Prince Poppycock, Hinder, Lita Ford, PussyCat Doll, Jessica Sutta, Robbie Dupree, Glenn Jones, Gioia Bruno, Melinda Doolittle, Blake McIver, Tony Terry, among many more, all of which are gold, platinum, and multi-platinum recording artists.

Overview of Jimmy Star’s engagement and reach on Internet, broadcast media, and social media.
Jimmy Star is in the top 1/2 of 1% of all the 1.8 billion social media users

• According to SumAll which is the company that analyzes social media stats, the reach of @drjimmystar on twitter averages 12.8 million people per tweet

• 1,000,000+ industry standard algorithm average internet radio listeners per week on “The Jimmy Star Show.”

• 3,200,000+ replays of the show on “The Jimmy Star Show” Soundcloud.

• 1,250,000+ followers on Jimmy’s personal Twitter account, @drjimmystar.

Numbers, Stats, and Specs.
Name: “The Jimmy Star Show”
Duration: Each show is a live two hour tv/radio program.
Reach: The total reach is 86.5 million from combined outlets. “The Jimmy Star Show” is broadcast to 16.5 million radio listeners, over 20 million television subscribers of Roku, Google, Apple TV, and over 50 million iHeart Radio subscribers.

Primary Internet Radio Broadcast Location: “The Jimmy Star Show” airs live every Wednesday from 3-5 pm ET on W4CY radio, a member of the Clear Channel Communications Radio family on iHeart Talk Radio.

Syndication, Rebroadcast, and Social Media Availability:
• Show airs on Roku, Google and Apple TV on Mondays following the Wednesday live taping.

“The Jimmy Star Show” is syndicated in 15+ cities, nationally and internationally: New York, Washington D.C., New Jersey, London, California, Belgium, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, and Ontario, Canada.

• Recordings of the show are made available on “The Jimmy Star Show” | Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, and iTunes.

Social Media Stats
@drjimmystar Twitter: 1,237,936 Followers
@jimmystarshow Twitter: 44,612 Followers
@jimmySTARSworld Twitter: 10,202 Followers
@BringJSShowToTv Twitter: 51,901 Followers
@jimmystarent Twitter: 30,842 Followers

“The Jimmy Star Show” Facebook: 27,104 likes
Jimmy Star Entertainment Facebook: 851 likes

Dr Jimmy Star Instagram: 18,231 Followers
Jimmy Stars World Instagram: 4600 Followers
Jimmy Star Entertainment Instagram: 3291 Followers

Weibo: 2088 followers

Jimmy Star Periscope: 275 Followers

Jimmy Star Vine: 1200 followers

“The Jimmy Star Show” Soundcloud: 4059 followers averages 50-101,000 plays a week 2,657,000 plays in first 10 months.
The Show is also on iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeart Radio (average weekly listeners averages 1.5 million listeners)

“The Jimmy Star Show” Vimeo: 512,000 plays in first 5 months

“The Jimmy Star Show” is syndicated in Florida, Michigan, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, UK, Belgium and Canada. Listeners are heavy in those states and countries and there is no way to determine where twitter followers live, about 1 million in the United States and the rest scattered around world with big emphasis in the UK

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“The Jimmy Star Show” with Ron Russell

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