After Being Attacked, Rapper PnB Rock Has Passed Away

Monday was the beginning of the end for rapper PnB Rock, who was shot and killed during a heist at the world-famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles. His age was a significant factor.

Captain Kelly Muniz of the Los Angeles Police Department stated in a press conference published by FOX LA on Monday that a victim was dining at a table with a female eyewitness when he was contacted by the suspect.

Muniz said the suspect produced a firearm, made a demand, fired multiple shots, and took off with at least part of the victim’s stuff.

According to Muniz, he was pronounced dead at 1:59 p.m. local time, and the South Bureau Homicide, along with several other investigators, will be investigating the crime.

PnB Rock, actual name Rakim Hasheem Allen, was identified as the victim in videos and by eyewitnesses, despite Muniz’s omission of that information.

In a horrific video documenting the aftermath of the gunshot, the rapper can be seen moving about despite his extensive wounds. A female voice is overheard responding to a question about his age by replying, “He’s 30.”

Stephanie Sibounheuang, the rapper’s designer and influencer girlfriend, posted a video of her dinner at the restaurant to her now-deleted Instagram Story, and admirers have been sharing it online. They have a kid together, Xuri, who is two years old. As of this writing, PEOPLE has not heard back from a PnB Rock official.

The Los Angeles Times has learned from reliable law enforcement sources that security footage from the restaurant and other businesses is being reviewed in an effort to identify the perpetrator.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s media department was the first to tweet about a crime that had taken place nearby, reading: “LAPD News: Collateral damage: Initially, know that police were called to the 100 block of West Manchester Street in response to a gunshot. The victim was a male/female adult who was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.

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