After Her Breakup With Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian Claimed She Doesn’t Ever See Herself With Anyone Again

Kim Kardashian has reconsidered her plans for her romantic life shortly due to having a change of heart. The Skims founder, 41 years old and appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, was asked what kind of man she envisions herself with next. She reacted with a giggle and said, “Simply no one.”

Kardashian, who ended her relationship with Pete Davidson in August after dating for nine months, recently stated that she could see herself dating a scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor, or attorney. This comes after she and Davidson break up.

The woman, a mother of four, revealed on Monday that several guys working in those professions reached out to her after she made that statement. However, she admitted to the hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that she was just not ready.

She repeated that she was not looking for anything at all. I believe that I simply need some time to myself to concentrate on finishing school and [focusing on] my children. After three previous failures, Kardashian successfully took the baby bar law exam in December 2021 and is proceeding with her plans to become an attorney.

Ripa, 51, offered Kardashian the relationship advice that she should date a titan in the field since that is exactly what the Kardashians star is and what she requires. There is a good argument that Kardashian has been there before with Yeezy CEO Kanye West.

After nearly seven years of marriage and four children, the reality star filed for divorce from West, 45, in February 2021. The couple had been married for nearly seven years. In March this year, they officially became a single unit under the law.

Before they broke up, Kardashian hinted that she was looking for a partner with whom she could share in life’s simple pleasures. She stated this in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that was broadcast in June of 2021 and titled “All the Big Things.”

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