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Artem has apparently been keeping everyone well-fed in social isolation, cooking up homemade pizzas, banana bread, soup and more. Brie said she gets scared just walking into her sister’s house because she knows she’s going to eat no matter what!

Nikki also has a love-hate relationship with all of the baking: “I’m ten pounds away from where I wanted to be when I was gonna go into labor…I still have 12 weeks, so we need to change the system here!” 

When they’re not dining together, Brie and Nikki are busy remotely promoting Incomparable, their new autobiographical book which details their childhood, rise to WWE stardom, a multitude of previous relationships and more. 

Nikki revealed on Daily Pop that she not only struggled to write about particular experiences in the book, but she’s also had a tough time further discussing them in recent weeks. This is especially the case for a revelation she made in Incomparable‘s fourth chapter: as a teenager, she was raped on two separate occasions. 

“That was something that I’ve held deep down inside for 20 years,” Nikki said. “And there were only a few people close to me that knew it—not my mom, it was my sister, one of my cousins, a few friends, and then my ex and Artem. And so it was really hard to not only write that story down and relive it and then have to relive it again with the release.”

She explained that after two full days of promo, she told Brie she was “so emotionally drained because never did I think as I held this story in that I’d ever see the headlines with my name with ‘rape.'”

Nikki continued, revealing a positive side to sharing her story: ”I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me.” 

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