Chris Evans and Aly Raisman’s Rescue Dogs Have an Adorable Play Date

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Best buds!

Chris Evans and Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Aly Raisman got together for a doggie play date on Saturday, Nov. 14, bringing along their pups Mylo and Dodger.

Raisman, 26, posted videos of the adorable meet-up on social media on Sunday, Nov. 15. She tweeted, “Dodger & Mylo play date @ChrisEvans,” alongside a clip of the dogs playing on a patio.

“Be gentle, be gentle” the 39-year-old Captain America and Avengers star told the pups. Laughing, he asked, “You got a new buddy?”

Raisman and Evans both shared a video of him cuddling and kissing her puppy, as John Parr‘s 1985 song “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” played in the background. Raisman tweeted, “Best buds @ChrisEvans.” She also wrote on her Instagram Story, ”@chrisevans new buddy [three heart emojis].”

“Dodger had a very energetic play date yesterday…” Evans wrote on his Instagram Story, later joking, ”Too bad his charm didn’t work on me.”

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