During The Same Week That They Embarked On Their First Date, Trevor Noah And Dua Lipa Talked About One Another On Her Podcast

Their September date was filmed for the London-born pop stars At Your Service podcast, released on Friday but featured the South African comedian as a guest.

During their talk, Noah, 38, exclaimed over the beautiful and generous musician, and the singer, who had similarly excellent things to say about Noah’s great and exceptional guest, returned the favor by praising Noah.

At the outset of their conversation, Lipa, 27, shared with Noah that she had recently finished reading his memoir, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, and thought it was fantastic.

It ultimately moved me, and I even found some of it to be hilarious at times. She informed her audience that she was interested in talking to the soon-to-be-former Daily Show host because of this and that she had a great time discovering all the different sides of him.

Lipa continued by saying, “I watch your speeches on TikTok all the time,” before revealing that the only previous interaction between herself and her interviewee was a brief hello at an awards presentation.

Noah concurred that it did feel like that. It’s both a blessing and a curse to make it big in the entertainment industry: you get to rub elbows with some of the world’s most fascinating individuals, but you may never see them again if you’re truly successful. For a change, it’s refreshing to see you acting in this manner.

In her response, Lipa expressed her excitement at the prospect of having a good talk with her new friend in order to get better to know her. She exclaimed with a chuckle, “You are definitely very hilarious.” However, she continued, “your humor is technically proficient, and I believe that’s also a key factor in why individuals pull toward you.”

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