Emily Blunt Says She Would Like To See Husband John Krasinski Play Mister Fantastic In The MCU Again

This year’s Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness brought many cameos which featured Marvel’s newly acquired Fox properties including X-Men and Fantastic Four. The movie featured Patrick Stewart reprising his Professor X role from the Fox X-Men movies and it also featured John Krasinski as the leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards. Krasinski playing the role was a depiction of Marvel closely listening to their fans as John Krasinski has been the number 1 fan-cast for Reed Richards for a while among Marvel fans.

Krasinski’s role in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness was a short one. He played Reed Richards in an alternate universe Earth who was basically destroyed by the Scarlet Witch of the main MCU universe.

A Fantastic Four movie for the main MCU universe is currently in the works and it is unclear whether Krasinski will be playing Reed Richards in that movie as well since so far Marvel has made it clear that in different universes, the same person will have different faces.

However, if Marvel really is paying attention to the demand of the fans then they will know that John Krasinski and his Wife Emily Blunt are currently the number 1 choice of the fans for the casting of Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Emily Blunt has recently spoken about her husband playing Reed Richards and she says that she knows how much it meant to him and she hopes that John gets to play the character again.

While speaking to HeyUGuys, she explained it in the following words:

“I was really happy for him because I think he’s a huge fan. And I understand why it’s such an ardent passionate religion for people. It’s a huge part of our cinematic history now. So he was thrilled… Well, I hope [we can see him in the role again]. I hope so. You never know.”

The MCU Fantastic Four movie will be released on 15th February 2025

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