How Jessie James Decker Built Her Winning Marriage With Eric Decker

“Starting from the very first text from Eric, I decided I would do things differently this time around,” she noted. “From now on, if a man wanted me, he was going to have to show it. So I made Eric chase me.”

Thankfully, the University of Minnesota alum is pretty good at playing catch, deftly wooing his future bride from a distance. 

“We just talked on the phone and video chatted for like five weeks and then he flew out to Nashville and spent the weekend with me,” she shared with Elite Daily in 2017. Then he made his move: “On the way to me taking him to the airport he asked me to be his girlfriend, literally like an 8th grader.”

Which, TBH was really the last time he’d done this whole courting thing, his only previous relationship being a seven-year romance with his high school sweetheart. 

“They were babies when they met, so Eric had no idea what it meant to date as an adult,” she shared in her book. “Basically, he was raised to go dutch.” His habit of splitting the bill on dates and never offering “to cover the bill or flights when I came in to visit him,” was irksome and left the singer worried he might be broke. (This, despite his $2.5 million four-year contract.) 

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