How Stars Are Showing Their Support on World Mental Health Day

These stars are breaking the stigma and building the spread of resources.

In honor of World Mental Health Day Oct. 10, celebrities—including Selena Gomez, Viola Davis and Russell Brand—are speaking out, sharing their stories and showing support to others on their mental health journeys.

The day, led by the World Health Organization, holds a mission to raise awareness on the topic of mental health and to encourage the spread of support. And this year, the campaign theme is focused on making mental health a priority for all on a global scale.

With that being said, stars far and wide have shared messages of encouragement on this very day.

For some, it’s enforcing the resources out there to help those going through a dark time and for others, it’s being open and vulnerable about their personal experiences with the matter, such as Ginger Zee who spoke candidly about her own journey.

“I am so proud to talk about mine because I have healed and keep healing,” she wrote in an Oct. 10 Instagram post. “And accepting my story was the first step. There is no final step. But these steps don’t have to be taken alone.”

Scroll on to read the different ways celebrities are sharing their support in honor of World Mental Health Day 2022.

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