Lilliana Vazquez on Why She Called Out Arielle Charnas’ “Problematic” Cosmo México Cover

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Lilliana Vazquez is speaking up and demanding to be heard.

Earlier this week, the E! personality took to Instagram to voice her disappointment with Cosmopolitan México after the publication placed white, controversial influencer Arielle Charnas on the cover of its September 2020 issue.

For Lilliana, the cover was “problematic” for a number of reasons, which she shared in an exclusive chat with E! News.

“It’s the biggest issue of the year from an ad revenue standpoint, but it’s also the issue that kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month,” Lilliana told E!. “A magazine that is supposed to reflect, and beautifully reflect, the nuance [of] how different we all are within our borders of Mexico and the Latinx community was choosing to give that opportunity to somebody that had no discernible connection to the Latinx community.”

As Lilliana continued, she made a call to Arielle, who has blocked her on social media, to answer why she felt that she was “deserving” of being featured on the cover.

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