Lizzy Caplan & Joshua Jackson Steam Up Fatal Attraction Teaser

Going down?

Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson cut right to the chase in the sexually-charged first teaser for Paramount+’s new series, Fatal Attraction, which sees the pair sharing a suggestive exchange in an elevator.  

“Have you ever pushed that red button?” Lizzy’s character Alex Forrest asks, to which Joshua’s Dan Gallagher answers, “I think you pull it, it says pull. But no.”

She coyly responds, “So what do you think would happen? Nothing or something?”

That’s all the dialogue the trailer needs to get fans excited for the April 30 premiere, as the rest of the video is a montage of the pair sharing glances from across a diner, a wink, a rainy umbrella moment and many, many steamy kisses.

So steamy, in fact, that the title card and overlay text are literally dripping with anticipation.

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