Topher Grace And His Wife, Actress Ashley Hinshaw, Are Welcoming Their Third Child

The family of Toper Grace and his wife, Ashley Hinshaw, is growing by one more member.

During his Friday visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 44-year-old actor from “That’s ’70s Show” revealed the thrilling news to the audience. In addition, he was sure to single out his wife for special recognition.

He continued his praise of Hinshaw by saying, “We’re excited,” and then remarked, “And I’d like to take this moment on national TV to express how beautiful and amazing she is.”

Grace and Hinshaw have been married since 2016, and they already have a daughter named Mabel Jane, who is five years old. Their second kid was born in 2021.

The actor mentioned to the host, Kelly Clarkson, that he has observed different responses from friends and acquaintances following the news of each pregnancy.

Everyone will congratulate you on your first child and mention how wonderful it is. On the second baby, he added, they’re like, Congratulations, and on the third baby, it’s like, Congratulations? with a question mark. He said this in a humorous tone.

Clarkson, who is now 40 years old and whose ex-husband Brandon Blackstock is the father of their daughters River Rose, 8, and Remington, 6, expressed her joy at the news.

This is quite exciting. It’s lovely to hear that your family is continuing to grow. The winner of American Idol Season 1 expressed excitement, and Grace responded with a witty, “Yeah.” Please get in touch with me in approximately one year.

During an interview in April of 2021 on Live!, the host reflected on the pandemic delivery of his final child. The actor who played the Black Klansman in the film acknowledged to Kelly and Ryan that he had a lot of anxiety about not being able to be with Hinshaw when she gave birth.

At that point in the pandemic, fortunately, I was safe to be in both the infected area and the recovery room. Considering that it was the couple’s second child, he chuckled that his wife had given her blessing for him to return home. But I wished I could have been there.

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