Ultra-Hydrating K-Beauty Finds to Get Your Skin & Hair Through Winter

Ultra-Hydrating K-Beauty Finds to Get Your Skin & Hair Through Winter

Ultra-Hydrating K-Beauty Finds to Get Your Skin & Hair Through Winter

I love this Anua toner so much I always make sure to have a second one in stock at home so I never have to worry about running out. Made with 77% heartleaf extract that’s water-grown and harvested in Korea, this toner is formulated to soothe, tone, hydrate, and balance your skin’s pH level. TBH, the reviews for this toner speak for themselves; check out a few below.

“Look, I am extremely pale and have v sensitive skin. For so long, I’ve been weary of toners until I came across the blessing that is this toner. I’ve been using it morning and night for over two months now and I’ve seen drastic changes in my skin tone and pores. My skin feels calm and ready to absorb any serum/product afterwards and I feel like I get more from those products after using something like this. I’ve also noticed positive improvements in the redness in my skin and as someone who doesn’t wear makeup its been such a welcome change in life. This is a must try for those who struggle w similar issues or eve those looking to incorporate an amazing new toner in their skin care routines!”

“I bought this for my 14 year-old daughter who is dealing with forehead, cheek, and nose blemishes. She gets tons of tiny, sebum bumps on her forehead and a few red and angry spots as well. Wanted to keep her routine very simple and gentle and in 3 days, this toner and the 80% ampule have made an INCREDIBLE difference. It definitely deserves its reputation and I’m ordering both for myself. While I already have a solid and simple routine at 46 (cleanser, Vit. C, Tretinoin, moisturizer, and SPF), I decided to try the toner and ampule as well given the hype. The magic in these products has made my skin even glow and pores even smoother after 3 days. I just added 2 steps to my existing routine. Apparently Heartleaf is an ingredient I didn’t know I needed and my skin adores.”

‘If only you can see my bathroom island with all the products that I buy because I’m easily influenced that I don’t use cause they don’t do much for me. After 1 night of using this, (didn’t even have time to use it in morning) my face had a difference. I usually don’t look in the mirror because of confidence issues at work and I accidentally looked yesterday morning and something looked different. I was confused what it could be because all I did was use my normal face wash because of running late. It clicked later it was the toner! I looked so much plumper and vibrant after just 1 use. I ran home and started doing skincare just to use it again. I am obsessed!!!”

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