15 Runway-Worthy Fashion Statements From the Olympics

For the competitors chosen to represent their home countries at the Olympic Games, first impressions matter.

Sure, the importance of medal counts can’t be understated, but for a spotlight as bright as the one shined by the world’s premiere sporting event, fashion can play an integral role in telling a team or athlete’s story. 

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, kicking off July 23 and concluding August 8, Ralph Lauren designed a collection of quintessentially Americana uniforms for Team USA. The story Ralph Lauren and the U.S. hope to spread? Protecting the planet. 

As such, ensembles were created with consciously-sourced materials and dyed through a technique that uses less chemicals, water and energy. 

Likewise, Nike‘s game plan was sustainability when outfitting the basketball, track and field, soccer and skateboarding teams. The latter sport, which will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo, will see U.S., French and Brazilian skateboarders decked out in vibrant designs made of recycled polyester. 

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