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If you need more information before shopping, here’s some feedback from fans of these products.

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Smoothing Facial Conformer Reviews

“I have used this product for many years. It makes my skin youthful & I look ten years younger.  It a great product & worth every penny,” a Perricone MD shopper said.

Another declared, “Miracle in a bottle. Using it once daily. This amazing product helps your skin and it’s appearance in every way. Smooths, plumps, brightens and softens your skin to absolute perfection. Love it!!”

Someone raved, “I can never live without this product. It really helps heal any blemishes or anything that comes on my skin. It brightened my skin so I wore less makeup!”

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream Reviews

“Liquid Gold in a tube! I’ve been a customer of Perricone MD for more than 10 years! When I came across this product believe it or not it was sitting on the shelf at a TJ Maxx store! I’ve used so many other amazing Perricone products but this ONE, has been amazing! Most people say I look like I am in my late 30’s but when I tell them I am 53, they can’t believe it! I firmly believe this product has been a huge help in my everyday regimen,” a shopper shared.

Someone gushed, “Amazing results. After just one use I can already tell this cream is amazing. I used it last night, woke up this morning, and as I walked passed my bathroom mirror I noticed amazing results! My face looked so clear, the color was so even, wrinkles decreased, and my skin looked so plump. I had to immediately come on here and leave a review. Also, this cream has some amazing ingredients in it. I will be using this every day from here on out.”

Another declared, “Best I’ve tried. I’m 31 and I take care of my skin really well, however, I’ve started to get fine lines on my forehead the last couple years. This makes them disappear. However, if I stop using it for a week or so the lines come back. Where I live we have cold, dry winters and this stuff is amazing under my makeup. I like that it’s a little tacky feeling because my foundation grips to it like a primer.”

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