A Day in the Life: 3 Miss America Contestants Share What It’s Like to Prep for the Iconic Competition

‘Cause being a state title holder is involved, y’all! A second—or, in some cases, third or fourth—job for most of the 51 contestants, it requires a schedule so jam-packed with meetings, appearances and Zoom calls that when asked how they’re actually preparing to take the stage at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Resort for the 100th anniversary competition on Dec. 16 (airing on Peacock at 8 p.m. EST), Maura, Miss California Jazmin and Miss D.C. Andolyn all agreed that they kinda fit it in when and if they can. 

“My approach is to prepare for Miss America by being the best title-holder I can be,” explains Maura. “Even as Miss America, you’re going to be doing the job of Miss America. You’re not going to be competing. Most people aren’t going to see you walking around in a red carpet gown 99 percent of the time.”

At this point they’re far more likely to catch Andolyn Uber-ing across town for an event after spending all afternoon working on her doctoral dissertation, Maura sweating her way through pre-dawn PT on base and Jazmin fueling up on protein shakes to power through a full day of work as a bilingual substitute teacher and Disneyland cast member.

In a joint phone interview, the trio of contenders tell E! News how they make the magic happen. 

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