Allow These Movies and TV Shows To Get You in the Spirit for the Olympics

The best of the best. 

While we wait to watch the world’s greatest athletes compete at the Tokyo Olympics, we decided to get in the spirit with some of our favorite movies about, well, sports. Whether it’s NBA superstar and former Olympic gold medalist Michael Jordan battling cartoon aliens in Space Jam—or even Lebron James‘ take on the highly-anticipated HBO Max sequel—these films and TV shows will get you in the mood for the international sporting event. 

After binging Stick It and Make It or Break It, we’ll basically be ready to show off our best Simone Biles gymnastics flips. That’s how training works, right? And yes, there are even biopics on some of our favorite Olympic athletes. Even look ahead to the Winter Games with Oscar-nominated film I, Tonya and laugh along during the figure skating parody Blades of Glory. There’s no competition here—watch all of the below picks to gear up for the big games.

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