Ben Affleck Leans Into “Sad Affleck” Memes in Dunkin’s 2024 Grammys Ad

How do you like them donuts?

Ben Affleck got the last laugh in a new commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts that aired during the 2024 Grammy Awards, where he leaned into the viral memes featuring the unamused look he had while attending last year’s ceremony with wife Jennifer Lopez

The ad begins with the Good Will Hunting star watching a news report with the headline “The Boredest Man in the World,” and the photos of him with the “On The Floor” singer.

“Keep laughing,” Ben muttered while staring at the TV. “He’s bored? No, studying. Always watching. I could do that. How hard can it be?”

The 51-year-old is then seen on the phone sharing a “crazy dream” that inspired him to start a music career.

“I had come up with some beats and then you were like, ‘Maybe you should put that on a record,'” he explained. “I even had like a persona, like J. Lo or like B. Lo. That’s the bad version, obviously.”

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