Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Prove She’s the Best “Instagram Boyfriend”

Spotted: Blake Lively snapping sizzling pics of her husband Ryan Reynolds.  

As the Deadpool actor gave a shout-out to his fitness trainer Don Saladino for getting him ready for the “Big Red Body Condom” that is his character’s costume, he posted photos of the duo working out that had been taken by his “instagram boyfriend” Blake.

In fact, you can actually see the Gossip Girl alum in the background of the image. Blake then proceeded to zoom in on both her appearance in the snap and her photography skills. 

“Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories Nov. 12, adding fire, sweat, kiss and spicy pepper emojis alongside Ryan’s muscles. “I’ll wait.”

After all, Blake knows that not all heroes wear capes.

“Bc I know low key capturing thirst content of your fine ass husband is not just photography,” the actress added, “it’s a public service.”

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