Catherine Giudici Lowe’s Amazon Beauty Picks Include an Essential She Used on The Bachelor

“I’m going to talk about dry brushing. I heard Jennifer Aniston was talking about dry brushing and all of the healthy people, natural, holistic people. I have dry skin. I thought it was just an exfoliation thing, but when I got a professional dry brushing massage and it was treatment at a spa, I’m not kidding you guys, the next day, I looked like I had lost like ten pounds. I was happy to go to the pool that day.  All of these toxins build up and this helps get rid of toxins.”

“Dry brushing does so much. It’s really good for your body. We used to be super active. Now we are at home, on the couch and because our bodies aren’t moving as much, all of the stuff just builds up. This moves stuff out of the way so your toxins release correctly. You start at your feet and you brush up toward your heart. This is stimulating movement. The best time to do this is before a shower. On your stomach, go clockwise. Brush toward your heart.”

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