Courteney Cox’s Junk Room Would Not Have Monica’s Stamp of Approval

In the season eight episode, cleaning-obsessed Monica keeps her and husband Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) New York City apartment spick and span, but one day Chandler stumbles upon a locked closet and—with the help of best friend Joey (Matt LeBlanc)—the two break the lock and are surprised to find a closet filled to the brim with junk. Monica freaks out, worried that he will mess up the space, because unlike Courteney’s closet, even her junk was organized. 

But this isn’t the first time Courteney was inspired by her Friends character, as just last year the actress launched a home-care line Homecourt. 

“I care about the way everything looks,” she told People at the time. “Which is a blessing and a curse.”

And Courteney—who shares daughter Coco, 19, with ex-husband David Arquette—made a point to maintain her home as she does herself.

“You find yourself at home so much now that I was like, ‘Why not make your home as important as you would yourself, your body, your face?'” she continued. “I’m so into design and it’s something that you would leave on your counter. If you’re going to have dish soap and you’re going to have a hand soap, you don’t want to hide it. You have to have it out because it’s got to be convenient. And these are so pretty. I’m really happy about it.”

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