Euphoria’s Latest Episode Is Actually Relatable for Once

Then, there’s sweet Lexi (Maude Apatow), who is living in her own little world. She begs the vice principal to let her put on a school play after realizing that her inability to speak up for herself is because she’s an “observer” to other people’s experiences. If the world was a movie, she’d be writing or directing it, choosing which outfits Cassie looks “sluttier, tackier, sloppier,” or chastising Rue for showing up to set (class) high.

Even Cal (Eric Dane) has a moment of relatability in the intro, where we are introduced to him as a young, athletic and attractive teen. He seemingly has it all, with girls clamoring after him and a best friend named Derek, who feels like an extension of himself. But he secretly has feelings for Derek and they’re briefly reciprocated—until his girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant with Nate. 

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