Genius! These Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs Look Like Area Rugs

Shoppers love these pee pads because they’re functional and fashionable. Here are some of the rave reviews. 

PUPIBOO Washable Pee Pad Reviews

A shopper said, “No more dull looking pee pads! I can’t have area rugs in my house because my dachshunds think they are pee pads so I am so excited to have these pee pads that look like area rugs. I can add a little color to my floors while keeping pee pads down for them. They wash great.”

Another reviewed, “Looks and works great! So much better than ugly pee pads…and I love that I can wash and reuse…my dogs used just like the ugly paper pee pads…very happy with my purchase.”

Someone declared, “THE BEST. This Item is worth purchasing plus Colorful. I purchased this item twice. After I laundered them a number of times, they continue to look new. I just LOVE them.”

An Amazon customer wrote, “Like a few other reviewers on here, I have an elderly dog with arthritis who sometimes can’t “hold it” until he gets outside. These are the perfect solution! Very durable, hold in the urine, and don’t look like ‘wee wee pads’!”

A reviewer shared, “I love that these look nice as rugs  I put them where my dog has his usual accidents. They protect the floor and still look nice after being washed!”

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