Giddy Up: Now Is the Time to Join the Yellowstone Bandwagon

Yellowstone is more than a national park—it’s also the name of the Paramount Network series my father wouldn’t stop talking about over Christmas.

Having little knowledge about the neo-Western drama, I threw on Yellowstone out of curiosity, only to find my next television obsession. For those who’ve yet to jump on the Yellowstone bandwagon, the series follows John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the patriarch of a powerful ranching family who constantly fights to protect his land. Then, there are John’s adult children: oldest Lee (Dave Annable), who works as head of security for the ranch, second oldest Jamie (Wes Bentley), an aspiring politician, only daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly), a ruthless financier, and the youngest, Kayce (Luke Grimes), who lived on a Native American reservation before moving back to Dutton Ranch. 

Essentially, it’s like the Montana-version of Succession. So it’s no wonder Yellowstone is a hit for the Paramount Network.

In fact, according to Deadline, the season four finale on Jan. 2 brought in 9.3 million total viewers. Yes, you read that correctly.

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