Jana Kramer Defends Close Friend Jamie Lynn Spears From “Awful” Treatment on Social Media

Jana Kramer is standing by Jamie Lynn Spears amid Britney Spears‘ highly-publicized conservatorship battle. 

On the Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast, the host said she wanted to speak about Britney’s testimony because it’s “in the news.”

“I feel bad even talking about because… I just want people to leave her alone,” Jana admitted during the June 27 episode. “I do just feel bad, because I’m friends with her sister, Jamie Lynn,” noting that Britney’s 30-year-old sister so-wrote Jana’s 2015 song “I Got the Boy.”

“I texted Jamie when I heard all this stuff in the media and it just, I basically just said like, ‘I’m praying for you and your family. I know we don’t know the full truth of anything, and so just know that I’m here as a friend supporting you, caring about you, praying for you,'” Jana, 37, recalled. 

“And she wrote back a sweet message, and I’m like, ‘Girl, you don’t need to say anything. You don’t need to explain nothing to me,'” the One Tree Hill star continued. “I’m just literally saying we don’t know. Your family, that is y’all’s business.” 

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