Jennifer Coolidge Teases Her Future on The Watcher Season 2

Should fans be on the watch for Jennifer Coolidge in The Watcher season two? That’s still to be determined.

The White Lotus star revealed that she’s yet to hear word on whether she’ll be returning for the second season of Ryan Murphy The Watcher, which was renewed for another installment in November.

“I would definitely go if they offer, if they ask me,” Coolidge, who played real estate agent Karen Calhoun on season one, told Entertainment Weekly. “I hope she’s back.”

Viewers last saw Karen running away from the New Jersey mansion she purchased from her former friend Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts), whose family was aggressively stalked by an anonymous neighbor.

For those who’ve yet to jump on The Watcher bandwagon, the Netflix series is a dramatic retelling of of Derek and Maria Broaddus’ real life real estate nightmare, in which they received disturbing letters from an unknown source claiming to be watching the family’s every move.

And Watts, who stars opposite Bobby Cannavale, didn’t think twice when agreeing to join the show. “I read the article and I got completely swept up with it,” she told E! News in October, “and imagined myself in their shoes and just thought this could be anyone’s story.”

She added, “It’s instantly compelling and I obviously am a fan of the genre. It was a no brainer.”

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