Queen Charlotte’s Arsema Thomas Teases Her Fav “Graphic” Scene

This scene could even make Lady Whistledown blush.

Queen Charlotte actress Arsema Thomas, who stars in the Bridgerton prequel as young Lady Agatha Danbury, recently spilled the tea about one of her favorite moments from the series. Let’s just say it involves her acting alongside India Amarteifio, who plays the titular young queen, and a dog with diva-like tendencies.

“There’s a scene with me and India where we’re discussing intimate things, and it was extremely fun to film,” Arsema exclusively told E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “It was the very first scene we had filmed. And to just be able to come in with a very graphic scene and film with this Pomeranian that had its own temperament and did not care what the schedule was like… I really am excited for people to watch it.”

Arsema’s role as Agatha Danbury, whose older version is portrayed by Adjoa Andoh in Bridgerton, was also a career highlight she’ll never forget. After all, the fan-favorite character is known for her forthright personality and sharp wit.

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