Rebel Wilson Teased Her Parenthood Plans Last Year

Parenthood has never been far from Rebel Wilson‘s mind.

The Pitch Perfect star spoke about her plans to one day become a mom amid her wellness journey in 2021, sharing the advice medical professionals told her when it came to preserving her eggs.

“Until this past year—my year of health—I never properly considered wellness from all angles. But I was turning 40 and thinking about freezing my eggs, and the experts told me that the healthier I am, the better the process can got,” Wilson told Shape magazine in May 2018. “I get a little emotional when I ask myself why I didn’t care about my health before this. It just wasn’t a priority, and I didn’t know how to do it right.”

The guidance and dedication toward a healthier lifestyle has appeared to turn into something positive for Wilson, who announced on social media Nov. 7 she had welcomed her first child via surrogate. Calling her newborn daughter Royce Lillian a “beautiful miracle,” Wilson—who has been dating girlfriend Ramona Agruma since last June—said the baby girl was born during this past week.

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