Romeo Beckham Debuts Massive Neck Tattoo Inspired By Dad David’s Ink

Romeo Beckham is permanently twinning with dad David Beckham.
On Jan. 6, the 19-year-old model, whose mom is Victoria Beckham, showed off the results of two brand-new tattoos to his Instagram Story. One tattoo on his hand featured a bird, along with the phrase, “Lead with love” underneath it. But it’s the second eye-grabbing body art on the back of his neck, which featured angel wings with a cross in the middle, that mirrors a tattoo of his dad’s.
In his social media post, Romeo also gave a shout-out to the celebrity tattoo artist that gave him his latest body art, writing, “@_DR_WOO_ MASTERPIECE ONCE AGAIN.” The model also showed off his now inked-up neck in a candid Instagram shot later that day.
Romeo’s dad is no stranger to ink, with the former soccer player reportedly sporting over 60 tattoos on his body. One of which, according to Men’s Health, includes Romeo’s name and is located underneath his own angel-winged neck tattoo.

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