Save 48% On a Tatcha Eye Cream Shoppers Praise for Botox-Level Results

Shoppers are amazed by the results of this eye cream. Check out these rave reviews to find out why so many people love this product.

Tatcha The Silk Peony Eye Cream Reviews

“I’ve been struggling with severe eczema around my eye area/ lids, cracked and raw. I’ve tried oils and creams and nothing but then I tried the sample size of this creme and in days I’ve seen improvements and no irritation. It’s back to normal and my eyes feel plump and hydrated,” a shopper explained.

Another explained, “I am 53 years old and have tried many pricey eye creams over the years. The silk peony eye cream is how’s immediate results! I haven’t needed to get Botox in my crows feet since I’ve been using this eye cream! Truly my most favorite product ever!”

“I got this because I’ve noticed I’ve started getting fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes that are worsened by eczema and the extremely dry skin and dark allergy circles it causes. This is now the only eye product I want to buy again. It goes on like butter, just so creamy and smooth. And a little goes a long way. In a month’s time, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in how my eyes look, and I’ve even been asked if I’ve had work done because people have said I look years younger, no joke. I wish I had found Tatcha sooner because it’s a godsend for my skin,” a shopper wrote.

A reviewer shared, “I’ve struggled to find eye creams that truly moisturize my eyes without irritating them and that allow me to apply concealer/make-up over them. This eye cream truly calms my dry and under-rested eyes almost immediately. This is something I feel is worth the money and I plan to order and re-order!”

A fan of the product reviewed, “I’m 72 & I don’t expect miracles but..Tatcha products leave my skin soft & loved!! The eye cream is slowly removing darkness from under eye & eye crinkles!!”

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