See Andy Cohen Crash Sarah Jessica Parker’s E! Interview at the And Just Like That Premiere

And Just Like That… introduces a flurry of new characters, though as fans are fully aware, one Sex and the City O.G. won’t be joining them: Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall

Nixon and Davis both briefly addressed her absence, with the latter showing appreciation for both the new cast members and Samantha.

“I would never want to disrespect our new people nor Samantha,” Davis told E! News. “We obviously are going to see the story. She is a part of the story in a way that feels very real to me, very relatable too me.”

Nixon didn’t mention Cattrall or Samantha by name, but she did address those who have implied the friend group is going “from a quartet to a trio.” 

“I think you may think of us a trio but we’re now a septet, actually,” she continued. “It’s kind of like a family, and families expand and sometimes people leave and then hopefully and wonderfully in this case, more people join your family and just deepen and broaden it.”

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