See Da Brat and Wife Judy’s First Photos of Son True Legend

The rapper got emotional while detailing her journey, sharing, “I’m 49, I’m high-risk, I have high blood pressure. So many women so much younger than me want kids and can’t have them, and I had a successful pregnancy. It’s just an honor. He’s such a blessing.”

True made his way into the world after Da Brat underwent in vitro fertility (IVF) treatments using eggs from Judy along with sperm from an anonymous donor. After miscarrying once, Da Brat became pregnant with their son. (Judy is also mom to three children from a previous relationship.)

“I think God plans out our journey,” Da Brat said. “I’m very happy He saw fit for me to have him.”

Shedding light into the process of her scheduled cesarean section, the Brat Loves Judy star recalled of receiving an epidural, “I never want to do that again, but for him it was worth it.”

And although the “Hands in the Air” artist is now sittin’ on top of the world, the star admitted she “panicked a little bit,” while giving birth. Luckily, her wife was by her side to lend a calming hand.

“I asked her to play Biggie [Smalls], but that wasn’t helping, so she played our love playlist,” Da Brat confessed. “I was able to relax and not think.”

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