The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Cassidy Emerges as a Possible Front-Runner & Villain

Cassidy‘s not here to make friends.

She makes that abundantly clear in an E! News exclusive look at Jan. 10’s episode of The Bachelor. In the sneak peek, the 26-year-old executive assistant refuses to participate in the group date, which includes setting up for a children’s birthday party. Instead, Cassidy chooses to sit to the side and drink some lemon water.

“Cassidy and I are supposed to be building the dollhouse,” one contestant complains to the Bachelor camera, “but I’m stuck building the house alone. I mean, she doesn’t give a s–t about the birthday party.”

Unbothered by the “miffed” ladies, Cassidy declares that she’s there “to date Clayton,” so, it isn’t surprising when she swoops in and pulls Clayton away from the group date.

This move naturally further upsets her Bachelor peers, with one woman commenting, “Cassidy doesn’t care what anyone thinks; it’s disrespectful.”

Meanwhile, Cassidy informs Clayton that she likes him “a lot” and proceeds to pull him in for a big kiss.

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