The X Factor’s Thomas Wells Dead at 46 After Horrifying Accident

The world has lost a rising talent.

Thomas Wells, who competed on The X Factor among other reality shows, died on November 13, his wife Jessica Wells wrote on Facebook. He was 46.

“I feel like it’s not real but I know it is,” she shared in a heart-wrenching videotaped at his gravesite. “He was my best friend.”

According to Jessica, who spoke to TMZ, Thomas died following an accident at the tire manufacturing plant he worked at in Oklahoma. While working, reports the outlet, part of his body got caught in an automatic conveyer belt and he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to another in Tyler, Texas.

“He was deteriorating really fast,” she said in the Facebook video. “The lack of oxygen in his brain was causing his body to shut down and his organs and everything was just not working right. And there was something wrong with his stomach and and it kind of had this smell. It’s hard to explain. It wasn’t like overwhelming, but you could tell something was happening. His blood pressure was dropping really fast.”

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