Tom Felton’s Memories of Robbie Coltrane Conjure Intense Feelings

Somehow, Robbie managed to be an adult and a child at the same time, maintaining a foot in both camps.

His knowledge of the world was astounding. He was well-versed in any topic you might care to mention, from engineering to geography, from history to travel—and that meant he had something to contribute to any grown-up conversation that might be happening on set. You could tell that the older actors valued and respected his experience.

We kids, though, didn’t have much time for that stuff. We just wanted to be, well, kids—mischievous, impish and high-spirited. But so did Robbie. He had more mischief in him than a common room full of Slytherins. He could fool around with the best of us. He might have had the mind of an adult, but he truly had the heart of a child.

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