Treat Yourself To These 15 Funko Pops From Disney, Marvel & More

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Everyone loves a Funko Pop! They’re just irresistible. Offering a wide range of specific, delightful, and detailed desk accessories (at least, that’s how I use them — they’re also toys, decor, or whatever you’d like them to be), Funko Pops are designed to show off your interests your way. No matter how niche they may be. In fact, the more niche your interests, the more fun you’ll have finding the right Pop for you.

With Funkos, you can make it clear that you’re not just an average Disney fan; you want to put together your very own Bo Peep Toy Story DIY Funko, instead of just grabbing one off the shelf. Or while some people might like April Ludgate from Parks & Recreation, you take it a step further by celebrating her quirky charms via Janet Snakehole.

Maybe none of this is for you, but you know someone who’d love to be surprised with a portable (and collectable!) representation of a few of their favorite things. So whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast, or just looking for a little treat, you’ll find something in this list of 15 unique Funko Pops to love. Maybe even more than one! Hey, you deserve it. And they make great conversation starters, too. 

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