Watch Allyson Felix’s Adorable Reunion With Daughter Cammy After Historic Olympic Victories

Allyson explained that she looks forward to having a conversation with her daughter about the many ways she encouraged her to keep going.

“I want her to see what it looks like to be a hard worker, to overcome adversity,” she said. “I can’t wait to tell her about these last, you know, couple years and how hard they have been, but how she has really motivated me to continue on.”

She added, “I hope that she’s able to learn all those lessons and I’m able to show her she was along for this journey and she’s really giving me the courage and helping me to continue.”

In fact, Allyson considers her baby girl her No. 1 supporter.

“She’s really into cheering now,” she detailed. “So, whenever she sees me running, she’s like, ‘Run mama, run’ and she’s really into just being a little cheerleader. It’s really fun to just see how the process develops and how she becomes more active.”

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