Watch Jai Rodriguez Tell Bobby Berk What He Really Thought When He Learned of the Queer Eye Reboot

Same age, different generations. 

Queer Eye For the Straight Guy O.G. cast member Jai Rodriguez exclusively revealed on E! News’ Daily Pop on July 8 that he was originally “shocked” to learn of the Queer Eye reboot, starring DP guest co-host Bobby Berk. Despite Jai and Bobby both turning 40—Jai rang in his big b-day with his Fab Five family on the June 15 episode of E!’s Reunion Road Trip—the two makeover experts represent different generations of Queer Eye fandom. 

Queer Eye worlds are colliding!” Bobby joked about his “uncle” Jai. 

Yet, Jai wasn’t always ready to give up the Queer Eye reigns. “This is the real tea,” he dished. Presumably back in 2018 prior to the Netflix reboot, Jai received a phone call in the middle of his cabaret show rehearsals.

“‘We’re bringing Queer Eye back,’ and before they could even take a breath, my Puerto Rican butt threw myself on the line and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so amazing because honestly now in my 30s, I have, like, so much more to offer…'” Jai remembered saying, before he was informed of the new cast.

“You’re already envisioning your house in the hills,” he joked. “I was literally in shock for a second.”

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