What Anderson Cooper Gained Through Immense Loss

It was a task Anderson Cooper had been dreading.

Three after mom Gloria Vanderbilt passed away at the age of 95, he was tasked with cleaning out some 100 years of memories—belonging to her, her late husband, Wyatt, and Anderson’s older brother, Carter—from the socialite’s New York City apartment. 

As he sorted through Wyatt’s pajamas and the outfit Gloria wore the day Carter died, he felt incredibly alone. Not just physically in his mom’s Upper East Side home, but also in his grief and the suddenly overwhelming responsibility of keeping his family’s history alive.

So, ever the storyteller, Anderson picked up his iPhone and hit record. “I found it helpful to start narrating,” the Anderson Cooper 360 host shared in an exclusive interview with E! News. “I was narrating this painful experience in order to help me through it.”

In turn, he helped thousands of strangers. Because what started as a simple voice note has turned into a raw and deeply personal exploration of loss through his new CNN podcast, All There Is.

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