Why Fans Are Convinced Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Reunited for Halloween

Fans can recognize those blue eyes anywhere.

After Irina Shayk gave a glimpse into her Halloween festivities on Instagram, her followers thought they recognized a familiar face behind one of the spooky masks: that of her ex, Bradley Cooper.

“Is that Bradley Cooper? OMG,” one wrote, while another said, “Oh hey Bradley!”

Irina shared a pic of herself in all-black cat attire, posing next to a person dressed as a fearsome gorilla, with only their piercing blue eyes showing through the disguise. She later posted a blurry photo of what appears to be her gorilla companion out trick-or-treating on the city streets. 

While it might seem impossible to identify the Star is Born actor from a blurry pic, fans pointed to another piece of evidence to bolster their case. Irina and Bradley, who reportedly split in June 2019, apparently wore the same costumes for Halloween together in 2017.

According to The Daily Mail, the couple took their 7-month-old daughter Lea trick-or-treating, with Bradley seen out in a furry gorilla suit. Irina was dressed as Catwoman with more prominent whiskers and a bolder red lip, compared to this year’s ensemble. 

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