Why Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Are Such a Winning Pair

She shared the biggest lie she has ever told (insisting to her parents time and again that she was going to her bestie’s house when she was actually visiting a boyfriend). Kendall Jenner also talked about the superpower she most desires (teleportation, or, perhaps time travel). And she almost spilled on her favorite sibling, insisting that, actually, she doesn’t have one.  

But it was something that Kendall said mid-dare during her and Kourtney Kardashian‘s May rendition of the classic slumber party game that proved to be the most enlightening. 

While filming a round of Truth or Dare for a virtual wellness event put on by Kourt’s lifestyle website Poosh, Kendall pulled a card that instructed her to text the family group chat and tell them she had just gotten engaged.

“I just feel like it’s weird I’m putting a wedding ring on,” she admitted while accepting a sparkler from an off-camera crew member to use as a prop. “But it’s believable, so I will do it.” 

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