Why Meghan Trainor Worried She Was Experiencing Pregnancy Loss

Assuming she was experiencing a chemical pregnancy, Trainor’s doctor advised the 29-year-old to continue testing “because I was like, ‘I still feel pregnant. I feel like I have the flu,'” the singer explained. “She was like, ‘Well, keep testing. You should be negative in the next few days.’ And it was positive, positive, positive, positive every day.” 

Finally, she did a blood test, which checks the levels of hCG, a hormone produced by the fetus, “and it said my numbers were through the roof,” continued Trainor. Going in for a scan, she assumed she was six weeks along, “and they’re like, ‘So that’s a 10-weeker.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!!'” The Nantucket native captured the moment on camera to share with fans, she said, “but I swore a lot because I was Massachusetts really excited.”

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