Why The Try Guys Aren’t Rushing to Replace Ned Fulmer After Scandal

The Try Guys aren’t trying to add another guy anytime soon.

The remaining members of the comedy group—Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld and Keith Habersberger—spoke about how they’ll approach creating new content following former member Ned Fulmer‘s exit amid a cheating scandal.

For fans asking the burning question of who’ll step into Fulmer’s place as the group’s newest member, there is no name set in stone quite yet.

“‘Are we going to have a new, fourth Try Guy?'” Kornfeld said on the TryPod‘s Oct. 6 episode. “No, we will have new people that come in and out, we obviously already have our buddy Kwesi [James] who we love, but I don’t want to do put the pressure on anyone to say, this is the new Try Guy and he is the replacement.”

Kornfeld added, “That’s not fair to them.”

Habersberger noted that the Try Guys rose to fame because they were “seen as sort of normal, average guys who were able to do exceptional things,” but their next goal is to bring in people who’ll enrich the channel’s content.

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