Will Lili Reinhart Do Another Show After Riverdale? She Says…

Lili Reinhart is saying goodbye to Riverdale, but that’s not necessarily the last time viewers will see her onscreen.

The 26-year-old actress revealed that while she might not do a project as intensive as Riverdale again, fans could see her in perform in a specific type of television show or even make an appearance on the big screen.

“Right now with my production company, we have a lot of TV in development and film but, I think my heart’s in both places, honestly,” she exclusively told E! News at the Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future Celebration on Oct. 25. “I think I’m not going to sign up for another 22-episode show, but I like a good limited series.”

“That’s seems to be what’s lined up for me right after Riverdale—a limited series, so I won’t say no TV,” she continued. “It’s all about the story. It doesn’t really matter what kind of box you put it in. The standards are so high for TV right now, you can’t really go wrong with that.”

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