WWE’s Kevin Nash Shares 26-Year-Old Son Tristen’s Cause of Death

Kevin Nash is sharing more insight on his son Tristen‘s sudden passing.
Days after the family released an Oct. 20 statement confirming Tristen died at the age of 26, the WWE legend shared that his son suffered from a seizure that proved to be fatal, which presumably came amid his sobriety journey.

“The seizure caused the cardiac arrest,” Kevin said during the Oct. 23 episode of the Kliq This podcast. “He was basically dead in his room on the floor with the EMT working on him. They got him back and got him in the ambulance, and they tried to save his life. So, to the people at Halifax hospital, doctors and nurses, I thank you.”

As the 63-year-old noted, both father and son recently made a decision to get sober together. “We both decided that we were going to stop drinking, so it was a situation where you know we both went cold turkey,” he shared. “I don’t think either of us felt great because you stop drinking coffee for a day, and you get a headache. I think we were both dealing with it.”

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