You’ll Want to Remember the Names of These 12 International Athletes Competing at the Olympics

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Thousands of athletes compete in the Olympic Games, but viewers only have so much time in the day. 

After all, there are 33 sporting events and more than 10,000 athletes competing in the 2020 Tokyo Games. Some of those individuals are well-known within their respective fields, while others are total newcomers to the games. 

Then, there are the 206 countries to keep up with, including the IOC Refugee Olympic Team and Russian Olympic Committee (Russia was banned from the games because of a doping scandal).

Luckily, E! News has put together a list of 12 athletes who are competing for teams outside of the United States and are predicted to make history at the games. For example, the fastest woman alive is set to compete in the 100 meter dash and the first two openly transgender athletes are blazing a trail for the LGBTQ community as they represent their respective countries.

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