24 Statement Pieces From Mango’s Autumn Collection

This time of year, it’s easy to make a habit of dressing in an autumnal palette. Whilst florals are for spring (supposedly), this season has its own uniform: neutral tailoring, camel coats, beige cashmere and “fall colours,” which usually consist of pumpkin oranges, rich aubergines and earthy greens that reflect the nature of the changing season. Maybe we opt for neutral and muted tones around this time of year because we spend summer drenched in pastel-printed dresses, or maybe we just like to save our statement-making attire for party season, but sometimes, I look at my outfit in the mirror and catch myself hearing Kate Moss say, “Drama! I want more drama! Where’s all the drama?” And I think to myself, Yeah, where is all the drama? I find myself wondering why the colour in my wardrobe has been depleted, especially since we’re in an era that’s celebrating saturated hues such as Kermit green, Barbie pink and electric blue.

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