8 Shoes to Wear With Midi Dresses That Always Work

It’s bizarre to think that there was a time when midi dresses weren’t as prevalent as they are now, but such a time did exist, and I practically shudder at the thought. Without midi dresses, my wardrobe would certainly be a less fabulous place. My outfits would probably involve jeans at any given turn. But thankfully, midi dresses are considered a closet staple—one which I certainly get endless wear out of. As easy as they are to throw on, you still need to consider how to style your midi dresses, and perhaps the most important component of any midi-dress look is shoes.

Now, more shoes work with midi dresses than ones that don’t, so this isn’t a styling dilemma you need to lose sleep over. That said, there are some shoe styles I think work especially well with midi dresses. What are these wonder shoes, you ask? Handily, I’ve detailed them for you below.

After hours of research, I believe these are the eight elite shoes to wear with midi dresses, be it for evenings out or casual daytime pursuits. Scroll on to see them and never second-guess which shoes to pair with your favourite midi dress again.

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