9 Three-Piece Suits That Will Change Up Your Wardrobe Game

Months ago, Margot Robbie stepped out in a three-piece suit courtesy of Mango, and honestly, not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. We’ve long made a case for the ease of a matching co-ord, but until recently, the three-piece suit hasn’t had the recognition that I believe it deserves. 

Right now, celebrities and fashion people alike are making a case for the three-piece suit as a smarter and sleeker version of the humble co-ord. Much like the much-praised co-ord, the three-piece suit is a no-brainer way to create a smart, sleek look that works for a range of occasions. The already-paired pieces take the thought out of getting dressed and always create a put-together ensemble. Plus, you can separate the pieces for various outfit combinations: styling the waistcoat with relaxed jeans, throwing the blazer over a dress or pairing the tailored trousers with a simple tee for an elevated off-duty look. 

In a harmonious turn of fate, retailers have heard my prayers and offered up a variety of three-piece styles in all different colours and styles to ensure that anyone hunting to try out this elevated set has plenty of choice. 

If you’re ready to try out the three-piece set, keep scrolling for the very best around. 

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